Anyone want to try out Sniff with me?


I registered on Sniff and thought I’d try it out. Only thing is, I need people to try it with. Fancy giving it a go?

Tell me and I’ll send you an invite from my console.

By Ewan

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12 replies on “Anyone want to try out Sniff with me?”

I can't join because my phone is barred from 18+ services by o2! I am calling them first thing in the morning

Can anyone invite me?
O2 refuses to allow my phone to access the service without a credit card payment. That's the only way they have as proof of age. I know, appalling!
I don't have a credit card and I don't want one! After a 45 minute-call with several of O2 departments including one agent in glasgow who put the phone down on me, I am planning to dump o2 ! I thought that only people over 18 could get contracts so that is enough, isn't it?

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