LG UK’s Marketing Director, Jeremy Newing

I’m working on a piece at the moment summarising my experiences at the LG Secret blogger launch party on Friday. It was a fascinating day and an excellent opportunity to sit and talk with LG people about the industry.

One point I wanted to document was Jeremy Newing, the LG UK Marketing Director. As well as delivering a very direct, honest and exciting introductory presentation, he was every as genuine as I’d hoped.

Here he is — on his knees, no less — explaining various points about the new Secret to a couple of bloggers:

I snapped this footage to illustrate the gulf of difference between many of the other mobile manufacturers. The majority of handset executives I can think of would have been standing in the corner letting the PR chaps interact with the great unwashed. Jeremy was keen to get feedback — and also demonstrate all of the handset features.

I was quite surprised that he could even remember the product code of the LG Secret, let alone advise that if we were going to use the MicroSD slot, not to put in more than 4GB whilst they worked on the compatibility (the handsets we were playing with are pre-release).

It’s nice to see someone with unbashed passion in a position of influence at a mobile manufacturer. Nice work Jeremy!

Here’s Jeremy again, talking with Rhys from Knowyourmobile.

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