Lost my Vodafone Nokia E90… arse

Yes, triple arse. Quadruple arse. Somewhere amongst the bustling morning, I lost my Vodafone branded Nokia E90. Or it was stolen. I don’t quite know. One moment it was in my pocket, another moment it was gone.

What a total arse.

The moment I realised, I got out my 3UK handset and called Vodafone UK. They’ve barred the SIM from making outgoing calls. I rather helpfully put the phone on silent/vibrate so even if it’s lying somewhere (like, for example, in the back of that limo I was in this morning), it’s not going to be easy to draw attention to it.

I couldn’t speak to the insurance department because they were unfortunately closed. I have to phone back ‘first thing’ tomorrow — so perhaps later on this evening, my time, here in the States. I doubt they’d send a new E90 out to me in Las Vegas. I reckon that’s a little bit beyond the standard insurance plan I have. I’ll let you know how I get on. I’m not back in the UK until next Thursday so I think I will be E90-less for more than a week.

If you’re trying to call me, go ahead. It’ll go to Spinvox voicemail, hopefully. And I’ll get the message by email. If not, you can call/text my US mobile number courtesy of Microsoft: +1 702 445 3872.

Here’s the E90 yesterday, in better, joyful times:


By Ewan

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7 replies on “Lost my Vodafone Nokia E90… arse”

Sorry to hear that, Ewan. It’s gotta hurt! What are you left with in the way of handsets???

An array — Nokia N73, iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung BlackJack II — I’m making do!

Those horrid belt holsters have some worthwhile purpose, I guess.

Have you considered having a phone surgically attached?

Try not to be so hard on the N73 – it’s a respectable old workhorse! It was my introduction to S60 and looked after me for a long time. I only retired it because I couldn’t resist the lure of the N95 8GB. It’s still sitting here in a draw with it’s battery off, just in case the new-fangled one lets me down…………

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