Mobile TV ads worth $500 million by 2013

Analysts have been polishing their crystal balls over mobile TV and they reckon that it could soon be a top notch way of delivering adverts. A new report from Juniper Research has found that this year, mobile TV will earn $335 million in ad revenues while by 2013, that figure will reach $2.5 billion. The whole mobile ad market will be $7.6 billion according to the analysts.

By 2010, mobile TV will also be the most lucrative channel for mobile advertising, although idle screen advertising will also do well, with ad spend $7 million this year and up to $500 million in 2013.

If mobile is the biggest generator of ad revenue, it looks like we can expect more free channels and programming on the way. If there’s one thing that could open up mobile TV more than anything else – be it good handsets, clever standards, and so on – then it’s possibility advertisers will make sure we can watch TV gratis. As long as we can get over all those annoying ads…

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