Motorola still suffering as sales keep sinking

It looks like things are getting worse before they get better chez Motorola. It’s just put out the latest set of results for its mobile devices division and there’s all the bad news expected plus a bit more for good measure – sales were down 39 percent year-on-year, losses were up and the company sold fewer handsets than analysts expected.

It’s obviously still too early to see what if any affect the decision to split off the handset division from the rest of the company will have, but it looks like it’s going to be a hard slog if Motorola is going to recapture the glory days. Despite its repeated promises of sleek new handsets due out soon to help fill the gap left by the decline of the Razr, this quarter’s device highlights – the Z9, the Q 9c and some W series phones – suggest that Motorola is still not on top of consumers current tastes in mobile phones.

And while Moto has promised to tackle touch interfaces and messaging mobiles according to according to Xchangemag, which shows at least some enthusiasm for bring its handsets up to date, it’s still going to be years before these devices turn up – by which time, like their predecessors, they could already be outdated.

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