o2 UK: 128k/second should be enough for anyone

I’ve had a whirlwind of email in from absolutely outraged o2 subscribers who, fresh from being screwed for ridiculous prices per megabyte of data, can’t quite believe that their 3G connections are being limited.

In an echo of the ‘640k memory should be enough for anyone‘ quote allegedly from Bill Gates all those years ago, o2, reports Bill from The Register, have seen fit to cap consumer ‘3G’ usage at 128k/sec. Business users, provided their requirements ‘warrant’ it get double.

Well, Whatley on Wednesday was supposed to be a final look at Jaiku. But no. We’ve hurriedly cleared the decks — think back to the kind of newspaper, the Daily Planet, where Superman used to work. There are people running everywhere. Excited shouts from competent people. Lots of folk with pencils behind their ears and notebooks-a-scribbling. We scrapped today’s headline. Oh yes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, standby. The Whatley is almost upon us…

By Ewan

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