o2: “You’re all techie nerds”

o2’s PR chaps worrying about how to handle The Register and their 128k o2 story made a wee bit of an error. They called the reporter — Bill — by mistake.

Oooh dear.

It’s painfully uncomfortable reading. Have a look.

The discussion, between two in-house PRs, centred around how to paint anyone wanting more bandwidth than the 128Kb/sec O2 deems suitable as clearly being “a bunch of techie nerds”.

Of course, these are communications professionals, so they wisely discuss how to avoid using that term, or as they put it, find “…a good way of saying they’re all geeks”.

By Ewan

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3 replies on “o2: “You’re all techie nerds””

I swear, this is too good to be true. You can’t make up stuff like this!

Working in PR is never a breeze but these guys have just made it that little bit harder for themselves over the next while. Sure, it won’t get to the mainstream media, but they’ll struggle to get back into the good books of this “bunch of techie nerds”.

*shakes head*

Vero Pepperrell’s last blog post..O2 says 3G customers don

Oh. My. God.

Trainwreck doesn’t do it justice.

I did like the comment on ElReg: “So they’ll be known as slOw2 from now on”….


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