One third of Americans don’t use SMS

A survey out from mobile comparison shopping site Wirefly has turned up some interesting results on SMS take up. The survey says that roughly a one third of US users called themselves heavy texters and sent between one or two a day to hundreds a month, with another 29 percent labeling themselves as occasional texters.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this survey is that 35 percent of US users say they never use text messaging. At all. Ever. I’m struggling with this bit – I know shedloads of people who have no interesting in using any mobile data services, but not one who doesn’t send a text now and then.

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Somehow im not surprised…back in the day before the vital tech of GSM, US people were satisfied with two-way pagers that did the thing…texting is something adopted by the even younger yoofs me thinks who arent dug into the previous modus operandi.

With the latest figures available showing 48 Billion texts a month (Dec. 07) sent in the U.S – a shedload more than the 9.5 Billion sent in Dec. 05 – view it as the glass being only 65% full.

not surprised about this one– and in a nutshell this is a real opportunity to value added service providers.. do i hear untapped market?

Oh yeah, majorly untapped market.

While I was waiting for a haircut this morning I was listening to two people talking about texting. Apparently it is expensive in the US. You get charged for all outgoing AND incoming text. The kids was saying that he uses it very sparingly. There are unlimited texting plans but I guess they are expensive – I don’t know I am over 30 😉

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