Solutions to find my lost Nokia E90

I lost my Nokia E90 on Wednesday. I should have had some sort of software on the phone to locate it. I lost it in the space of a 20-30 minute period, so it would have been useful to have been able to query the handset itself, somehow.

After publishing my tail of woe, I’ve had a few suggestions

Mark Hulyer of Awareness Tech emailed:

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Sorry to hear about your E90 but if you had installed our NEO-TRAX software then at least you’d know where it is right now. In fact if it was on the move thus meaning someone has dishonestly acquired and it’s not just stuck under a slot machine somewhere gathering dust, you would be able to track this in real time via GPS street by street to the actual house. Add to that the ability to switch on your E90’s microphone or listen in to calls or even read any SMS traffic. You could let the “thief” know by SMS or call them, even if they have changed the SIM, that you are about to send a text to all his friends (cos you now cleverly have copies of all their texts), that Mr “X” has a stolen phone and you are about to lock it down or just send an instruction to make the phone “scream”. Nothing would happen on your lost or stolen E60 Ewan without you knowing or remotely controlling it. Certainly will achieve some kind of result that’s without hesitation.

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I really like the idea of being able to see what’s going on with my handset. It’s bugging me quite a lot to know that the powerful device is either sat somewhere gathering dust, or being used by a total arse. So I’d like to see if it was being used and if it’s location was changing. Further, I am particularly impressed at the possibility of being able to turn on the phone’s microphone and listen in to calls. That would be brilliant! It’s almost worth losing a handset deliberately to try that out. I wonder just how it works.

In his email, Mark also offered SMS Text News reders a free trial of their NEO-TRAX software — just email support (at) quoting me. When I get my new E90, I think I’ll need to give it a go!

Thanks Mark!

By Ewan

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The software sounds interesting, but without some independent endorsement I’d be very anxious to trust this site if I’d found it independently… It’s full of spelling errors and doesn’t really explain what these products do . The site is broken and even the product page is missing links etc…

Same here. If they’ve got a brilliant product, they’re not doing a great job of marketing it, although talking to Ewan was a good move 🙂

Mr Hulyer seems to have a pretty good grasp of english – why doesn’t he re-write the company webpage?

…and less of the Matrix/hacker theme. Something more corporate/respectable might give more confidence in the product/payment.

£0.02 worth of free marketingspeke.


Would be smart if carriers just offered that option for all phones as part of an insurance package. Considering how US carriers don’t want to ensure smartphones, this would be a nice way to stem some of the lost/broken issues we have with our devices.

Antoine of MMM’s last blog post..Scratchpad of Things *UPDATED*

Yep valid comments about the website chaps! Pleased to say though that same thoughts crossed our minds some time ago when getting involved with our French partners which is the reason a) the new website is waaaay under construction already and we’re pretty excited about it and b) the .info suffix we allocated to the current site is a giveaway right now that it’s a temporary move :))
Thanks everybody for the humongous reaction to Ewan’s post…WOW never realised the power and influence this blog can have! All those who emailed should by now have received personalised replies. Sorry took longer than an hour in some cases (ahum Mark!) but we didn’t want to mailshot a standardised one-fits-all message.
Just to let everybody know what we’re doing – in view of the huge request for FREE trials and comments about other areas of mobile phone software the techies are now putting together a file that enables one simple install giving the option to trial a range of products.
Awareness Technologies Inc are leaders in the field of PC Monitoring software as you will see by visiting our .com and not .info website. Let me also take this oppo to point out something re lost mobiles and introduce to those of you who have laptops and wish to ensure that if lost/stolen you can remotely retrieve and protect all content as a priority to actually recovering the physical product. You will then for sure be interested in our new software LapBak to be released in June. Would have stopped the MoD having red faces recently when they had the laptop stolen with details of 600k applicants. All the info could have been remotely retrieved to a server then swiped! Now sure it’ll tell you where your laptop is…then what? The cops aren’t interested to go get it…so are you? Same with mobile phones…Is Ewan gonna go and collect it from some neighborhood in L.A. or Vegas wherever? Course not! So tracking isn’t so great and the police aren’t bothered and neither are the insurance industry. Last thing they want is some smartarse software company like us coming along and preventing thefts and/or locating mobiles/laptops. Yep you’ve worked it out…no exorbitant premiums to tens of thousands of punters. So best you lose it/claim it but protect content…that’s what we aim to do. The rest is your option! One of the largest Underwriters confirmed this…keep the thefts coming basically!!
So again thanks for the interest. Bear with us on the mobile phone NEO-TRAX et al software website which however doesn’t detract from an excellent product “as is” right now.

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