Spike Lee to create user-generated short movie for mobiles

Nokia are good at getting this sort of thing together:

Link: StrategyEye :: Visual Market Intelligence

Film director Spike Lee and Nokia will create a user-generated short movie for mobile phones, which will premiere in Los Angeles this autumn, says the International Herald Tribune. Amateur film-makers will be asked to send in video clips, each a few minutes long, via their mobile phones. Users will vote on their favourite videos, after which Lee will pick three winners and edit their work to create the final three-act movie.

“Within five years, new movies will be made with devices like these,” says Lee. Nokia believes that a quarter of its users will consume and create user-generated content by 2012, based on its survey of 9,000 customers last year.

I’m reminded, for example, of Nokia’s excellent N93 ad featuring Gary Oldman:

And here’s Gary talking about mobile handset owners becoming directors:

So I’ll be excited to see what Spike Lee comes up with. Should be good.

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