T-Mobile slashes cost of Apple iPhone to €99

Here’s an interesting move if ever there was one: it looks like T-Mobile, the Germany iPhone carrier, has decided to cut the price of the iPhone. As part of a new offer, anyone who wants to buy the Apple device can do so for €99.

But, to get their hands on the device for the cheaper price, German shoppers will also need to get their hands on a more expensive phone plan, the Complete XL, at €89 a month with 1000 minutes and 300 texts. There’s also a price cut on devices that come with a cheaper subscription – for those on €29 monthly contract, the device has dropped to €249.

So what’s behind the price cut? A sign that sales haven’t come up to T-Mobile’s projected figures? A simple way to increase premium subscriptions? Or a sign there’s a 3G iPhone coming out before too long?

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