Whatley on Wednesday: I CANNOT BELIEVE o2!


Today I was going to publish my third and final part of ‘The Joy of Ku’.

What with Jaiku’s recent announcement that YES they are re-opening registrations and that NO Google are not turning out the lights on our beloved life-streaming app.

What announcement am I talking about? Well here’s this from Jaiku’s own Jaikido blog:

“We’ve been working quietly for a while to port Jaiku to Google infrastructure. Today we’re taking off our welding goggles to announce Jaiku will be one of the first apps to run on the new Google App Engine.

The Google App Engine enables applications to leverage powerful Google technologies and scale up to millions of users without infrastructure headaches.

Jaiku will be fully deployed on the Google App Engine in the near future. Andy & co. are working hard to ensure the port is a success and we will make a further announcement once the port has been completed.”

Fantastic news!

Jyri was quoted on Jaiku later on that day as saying:

“…if all you notice is an increase in speed and reliability and re-opening of registrations, we’ve been successful.”


However – today I will not be finalising my Jaiku opus. Something has reached my shores this morning that NEEDS to be blogged. I could NOT believe it when I read it. Could NOT!

The reason why I’m so annoyed about this is that I’ve been kicking around an article for while that reviews the quite frankly, fantastic Nokia N82. At the moment the Nokia N82 is (in the UK anyway) an o2 exclusive… The piece was going to end something like:

‘On o2? Get an N82. Not on o2? Move Networks and get an N82’.

However, that will no longer happen.

No Sirree bob.

News has come to me this morning from Vero Pepperrell, Chief Blog Mistress at Taptu, that The Register is reporting that o2 3G customers are being capped/throttled/limited to speeds of 128Kb/s.


A quick 3G speed test on my Vodafone N95 8GB hits me with slap bang on 300Kb/s.

That’s 3G only (not 3.5G aka HSDPA).

Fwd: Whatley Wednesday... (o2 the f*ckers)

That’s more than double what o2 offer! And that’s before we even think about leaping onto 3.5G!

According to Vero, some smart chap over at did a speed test on the o2 network and here are the results:

GPRS 44kbit/sec
EDGE 145kbit/sec
3G 112kbit/sec
HSDPA 124kbit/sec

WOW. I am amazed.

iPhone owners on o2 using the EDGE network are getting FASTER connections than anyone on their 3G network!


I don’t really have much else to add to be honest…

My N82 review is still in the pipeline (as is my final part of the Joy of Ku), but I really must say RIGHT NOW that if you’re considering getting a new handset and you want to experience the wonders of the Mobile Web (over your network) then DO NOT go to o2.

I just needed to get that out of my system.

The FULL story is here on The Register – including updates and quotes from o2

And again – huge props to Vero at Taptu for waving this in my face first thing this morning.

By Ewan

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20 replies on “Whatley on Wednesday: I CANNOT BELIEVE o2!”

When downloading the 1MB file on, my N95 8GB hits between 200kbps and 441kbps. Vodafone HSDPA in central London. Why on Earth would anyone settle for less than a third of that?

I know I shouldn’t bad-mouth Vodafone’s competitors… but… wow…

If they do get the much rumoured 3G iPhone, will it actually be slower than the 2.5G one?

Now, don’t forget that 3G speeds to vary depending on how many users there are in a cell, how congested the network is, how good your phone is and how busy the site is… But what exactly is the point of limiting the speed like that?

You’re such a geek Terence 😉 Why would you EVER need more than 128k?

I have kinda noticed that HSDPA was slower than EDGE when try’na access sites I visit on my handset. Not majorly slower, but enough to notice. But to be honest thats awful of them.


Someone knock up some ‘128k’s enough for me’ T-shirts for the next MoMo or Unlimted drinks…

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