3UK: 99.5% voice and text coverage

Found this on the 3UK front page. Voice and TEXT coverage?

I suppose it does pay to be accurate. Consumers might not ‘get’ that if you’ve got a signal, you can send a text…

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3's definition of “voice and text” is either using 3's own 3G network or Orange's 2.5G network. They thought that 2G would be too much confusion for customers so they called it 'voice and text' coverage.

Obv. their 3G coverage is less than that…

Although what is confusing is having the percentage of the voice and text network along with the statement, “The biggest 3G network”… I think that might count as misleading as 99.5% doesn't refer to the 3G side of stff. tut tut.

Squawk sorry to point this out but you need to check your facts. Three partnered with T-Mobile last year on their infrastructure not Orange.

Also a combined T-Mobile and Three network although it probably is not (yet) 99.5% 3G coverage its probably around the 95% mark, not exactly the worst distortion in advertising. e.g. Unlimited broadband.

Pays to check before you rock on… But good clarification on the 'Voice and Text' issue.

roger 3 use orange as their 2.5g partner not t-mobile the deal with t mobile is only concerning 3g. Prior to just using orange, 3 used o2 as a 2.5g partner and for a period of time some consumers could roam on both orange and o2!

As an employee of the company in question, I can say that rickyc's post is spot on. 3 are partnering with T-Mobile only for the 3G coverage (which has not started yet.) The company use Orange for 2.5G (and it was previously o2) where there is no 3G coverage.

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