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Ricky’s back again with his Blykwatch update…

Hola readers
Well this edition was probably going to be pretty boring, a simple update of what messages I received and that’s about it. However, today (Sunday 11th May) has made this edition an interesting one.

Firstly let’s tackle the network problems, currently BLYK’s SMS servers are not working correctly and is sending multiple copies of each text messaging sent, but it is also sending multiple copies of brand messages, very very annoying! I picked this problem up in the forum, as you know BLYK is not my main number so as a result I very rarely send SMS with the service, however I just sent a test to myself and I have received it a total of four times so far. I know BLYK is new and problems are bound to occur, however I recommend they have a service status page on their homepage or to let people know by email or SMS so they know there are issues. So far there has been no date given to when this problem will be fixed. BLYK are achieving great results in terms of response to ads, however for it to be a real success they need to sort out this issue ASAP if there are problem with the network people will not be as keen to sign up if BLYK is known as being unreliable.

The second big thing is that BLYK may be taking the issue of data quite seriously. For the regular readers of this mini blog you will know I regularly rant about data all the time, for those of you who read the main blog as well will know that the founders of BLYK do not believe that their target audience wants mobile internet! Personally and also many members of the forum, disagree with this and there are large amount of threads asking for some data allowance or competitive bundles. As a result of this I created a poll asking if they would like data as part of their allowance and what they would use it for, the poll has been up for a few days however today I received a phone call from a member of BLYK staff who moderates the forum called Kyle. We know that staff at BLYK read what I write in this column but also we know in the past they have been very quick to sort out any problems, so the call was no surprise. Kyle was very supportive of the poll and said it was a great thing, however pointed out that I did not ask whether members would be willing to lower their text amount or call allowance. I agreed with him that the survey was flawed however I handed over the account so he can see the responses I had received so far! He has also agreed to set up a new poll that would be more accurate. He told me to leave this in his hands and he would get a new poll up in the next few days. It’s great to hear that BLYK are actually listening to its members, usually the response on the forum is that the suggestion will be passed on to head office.

Are BLYK looking at this more seriously because I write this column? The answer is probably yes, however at least the issue of data is now on their radar! I hope in the future I will have good news to report!

No Messages until the 28th April 2008

Monday 28th April 2008

A sms brand messages advertising the TV show Celebrity Rehab on Fiver, there was also a mobile internet link with ability to download a trailer for free! Happy Days, much better then giving me a mobile link that I cannot click on as I have no credit! (Something they have done in the past!! )

Tuesday 29th April 2008

An MMS brand message from a band called The Envy Corps, with a small sound clip! A sms from t3 wanting to know if I wanted to read a review about GTA 4! Of course I replied back and I received a mini review off t3 in a MMS!

Wednesday 30th April 2008

I received a MMS money saving tip, telling me if i had some of student loan left or if I had an interest free overdraft then to put this into an interesting building account and I can make money! There was no company associated with this message and I found it odd why BLYK would recommend its users to do this!

Thursday 1st April 2008

A SMS from BLYK letting me know the competition they are running to win a trip to the USA to see a band is being extended! Pretty cool, I defiantly made sure some of my mates used their invite codes!

Friday 2nd April 2008

I got a sms telling where I can download the new Coldplay track for free from their website ( and the release date of the new album!

Monday 5th April 2008

I got an MMS fashion forecast telling me what I should wear and the expected weather of the upcoming week, I also got a sound clip from the band Parka’s upcoming album!

Tuesday 6th April 2008

A SMS from t3 asking how much I paid if I bought In Rainbows by Radiohead for, and I received a MMS back from t3 telling me the average price paid £287, it also promoted Coldplay’s new free song from their new album!

Wednesday 7th April 2008

Refill Day! 43 Minutes, 217 Texts and 5 new invites to invite my friends to BLYK! I also received a profiling SMS from BLYK asking if I used the BLYK website? I replied yes and I was sent another question on how it could be improved! I replied back saying the forums the forums are really badly designed, but also BLYK site does not like Firefox and as a result I have to use IE!

Thursday 8th April 2008

A MMS from STA Travel, this week offering me a trip to South America for 439GBP and I also was sent a discount code that gave me 20 GBP off when I spent over 150 GBP. They also sent me an 0871 number which I can ring for free with my BLYK balance (COOL) and a standard web link! (NOT COOL! Why not a mobile link BLYK)

Saturday 10th April 2008

A MMS from The National Lottery, telling me to open an account online and I will get 5GBP credit, they even sent a free mobile link with it! Great I was thinking over the mobile site pretty much tells me the same as the MMS they sent me, so to do anything I would have to go to a computer to sign up! RUBBISH!

Sunday 11th April 2008

I got a MMS from The KOOKS today, saying that I could get a free wallpaper for my phone, well I replied back and I actually got a free wallpaper and also some information about the release of their new album! Pretty Cool! I also received a profiling sms asking which sports brands I liked!

That covers the last two weeks of my usage and interaction of BLYK. If you are interested in some of BLYK’s campaigns and their response rate you should check out The BLYK media site!

As usual if you have any question please feel free to post them below, or free to email Ewan (, who will pass them on to me. I also just want to say a massive thanks to all the good press the column has had recently its fantastic to hear that people who are not enjoy in the age demographic can see what is happing with BLYK!

9 replies on “Blykwatch – network problems and data on the horizon”

I'm facinated to find out about the results of that poll, moreover I'm astonished at how you're being treated in respect to this Blog.
I'm pretty sure Blyk must be extremely worried about this, because I've never heard of a company or business acting like how they are towards you. Although, it angers me to know that they won't listen to us unless they face some pressure from the public eye. It's one of the biggest downfalls of Blyk; they refuse to keep us in the know, and treat the members a little like Children in the regards to how much we're told about upcoming services, problems, and possible improvements. They have seriously underestimated their audience for sure.

Anyways, I enjoyed this again, really good and facinating!



Can you comment on the effectiveness of SMS versus MMS? To what degree do you prefer one delivery method over the other? Here in the states not everyone is very educated on MMS and a good deal just don't understand how to retrieve the messages. What do you see in the UK?

In all honesty it total depends on the campaign. Some do not need any MMS fuctions so should be a SMS, however for some of the more innovative messages messages need to be in MMS to be effective. Personally I prefer the SMS, especially if BLYK wants to enter a dialogue with you its much easier.

In regards to retrieving the MMS, i simply get a MMS delivered to my phone just like an SMS. I do not find either method hard to use!

I think I might do that; although I have mentioned it a couple of times in my complaints about them on the Forums. Then again, I suppose that all I will get is “We will pass your concerns on to the head office” or some other toil like that.
What ever happened to having a human response eh?


I agree well if you post on the forum about it, I will gladly support you just drop me an email. If you go to my blog, then hit contact me I will get your mail. Just put the thread link and your user name! Let's so if we can get some answer off them! 🙂

I'm going to, but right now I can't… For some odd reason I cannot sign in onto the Blyk website. I don't know if this is just a universal problem or just me, but it's odd how it coincides with me wanting to complain!

If it's no better by later I will give Blyk a ring, and I'll find out what's wrong!

EDIT: All is fine now!

I'm going to, but right now I can't… For some odd reason I cannot sign in onto the Blyk website. I don't know if this is just a universal problem or just me, but it's odd how it coincides with me wanting to complain!

If it's no better by later I will give Blyk a ring, and I'll find out what's wrong!

EDIT: All is fine now!

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