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Ricky is back with his Blykwatch…and he thinks a little C.P.R. is necessary.

Lifeguard needed to save BLYK

Firstly contrary to what both Ewan and James Whatley promised on the podcast there will be no pictures of me in Speedos and running on the beach. If that’s what you are into check out this YouTube link.

Joking aside, let’s look at the last two weeks of using BLYK. For those of you who are regular readers and listeners will know that over the last 2 weeks, there was an extra blog post about the current SMS issues and the issues has been raised on the last two podcasts. The problem is all SMS sent through the BLYK network and brand messages received from BLYK repeat up to 5 times, the worst bit these can be spaced hours apart. The result is you receive lots of annoying messages throughout the day below is an example with SMS conversation with my friends who is on BLYK.

The 1streply was received 19:40 the same message was then delivered 4 more times at 19:55, 20:05, 20:20 and 22:30. During this time I also received some of his other replies duplicated and triplicated, in the end I actually gave up and just rang him. He also told me that similar thing was happening with my replies and he was confused by what was going on.

The same happens with SMS brand messages eg I received one message at 19:48, it was then delivered 3 more times at 19:49 and then at 20:04 and then 21:31.

As you can imagine utter confusion, when I get a SMS on my BLYK phone I wonder if it is going to be something new or just an echo of a message I have already received. This issue has been going for 14 DAYS, 14 DAYS and to be completely honest if BLYK was main line (luckily it isn’t I have a T-Mobile contract), I would have said BYE BYE BLYK and left. The reason is reliability firstly I think my friends would be extremely annoyed if my messages repeated themselves for two weeks (I think two or three days they would understand the situation , but 14 days and still counting is not). The other thing as a university student (and many of BLYK’s members are) who lives away from home I need my network to be reliable, as it’s the only way people can reach me by phone, if BLYK can not sort an issue like this quickly what would they do if I could not make calls, would it take them 14 days to fix that as well?

I may come across as being quite critical at the current issues, especially as I have never topped up my BLYK phone since I got it in November 2007, however I feel the issues I have raised are very important to me and the other BLYK members. The forums are covered in posts asking about the multiple text problem and some members concerned they are paying for each multiple text however although the customer care forum team responds quickly assuring members they are not being charged multiple times they still have no date when the problem will be fixed.

I did however receive a call from customer care and they left me a voicemail on Friday 23rd May, which I expect was due to the extra blog post that was published on here the day before. The voicemail asked if clarify some of the issues I have been having, however I was not carrying my BLYK phone so was unable to speak with them.

I just hope BLYK can sort this out sooner rather then later; otherwise the threat of losing customers may be very real.

Now its time to look at the brand messages, I have received over the last two weeks.

Monday 12th April 2008

I received a fashion forecast MMS, this is basically outlining the weather for the following week and some suggestions of what types of clothes to wear, pretty handy as a weather report for the upcoming week. I received a SMS from a member of customer care telling me that the new survey we discussed was online, for more details about the data survey check out last weeks blykwatch.
I also received a MMS telling me the band The Futureheads had joined BLYK music and I could receive a free wallpaper for my phone.

Wednesday 14th April 2008

A profiling SMS asking how I played the national lottery, online, instore or on my mobile. I replied saying in store and I received a reply back saying online is much better as you can’t lose the ticket and it saves trees. There was also a web link with an exclusive offer for one free play at

Thursday 15th April 2008

Firstly a SMS asking if I had bought The Kooks new album (The Kooks have signed up with BLYK music). I replied back with a no and I received a SMS telling me I can buy it in shops and I can listen to some tracks on their MySpace ( I also received a SMS whether I listened to Radio 1 during their coverage of their big weekend (more details click here). I replied No and I was sent a web link where I could look at the highlights, Wicked!!!
I also received a MMS from t3 telling me to have a look at the universe at the following link Looks like a very nice bit of software similar to Google Earth but for the universe!

Friday 16th April 2008

A MMS advert from the lottery telling me about the same offer as before however they also gave the estimated jackpot for tonight Euro Millions Draw!

Saturday 17th April 2008

A SMS advert from the lottery, telling me the estimated jackpot for tonight, they also asked if I wanted more updates from the lottery, I did not reply I think I have had enough lottery updates for the time being. I also received a SMS from STA travel telling me their sale was now on!

Saturday 17th April 2008

A SMS advert from the lottery, telling me the estimated jackpot for tonight, they also asked if I wanted more updates from the lottery, I did not reply I think I have had enough lottery updates for the time being. I also received a SMS from STA travel telling me their sale was now on!

Sunday 18th April 2008

A SMS from BLYK and STA Travel offering a competition to win a lonely plant guide, all I had to was reply with a dream travel destination to win one! I love competitions like this from BLYK that are free to enter and all you have to do is just reply back!

Monday 19th April 2008

I received another fashion forecast for the upcoming week in a MMS. I also received a MMS from the Futurheads, telling me their album release date and a sound clip!

Thursday 22nd April 2008

A profiling SMS asking how I top up after using my free balance, I did not reply. I also received a MMS from Toddla T, telling me the release date of his new single, a link to his MySpace and also a small sound clip!

Saturday 24th April 2008

I received two adverts sent by MMS today; one was from WKD and the other from COORS. I also was given the opportunity to send feedback by SMS about the adverts.

Sunday 25th April 2008

Today I was sent a brain challenge via MMS. It was a mathematical question regarding dice and I was given the option of three answers, I answered incorrectly however they sent me a reply and the correct way to get the answer. Kind of cool, however there was no brand associated so was kind of an odd message to receive.

That’s covers the last two weeks on using BLYK, as usual if you have any question please feel free to post them below, or free to email Ewan, who will pass them on to me.

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