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We interrupt your regularly scheduled SMS Text News reading for this special Blykwatch from Ricky….

BLYK network problems, 7 days later STILL NOT FIXED!!

I was not due to report for another 7 days however I feel the need to write an update with what is going on with their SMS problems. I first reported the problems on last week’s BLYK WATCH however over 7 days later the problem is still not fixed.

The problem is that every SMS I send and every SMS brand message I receive off BLYK I receive multiple times (maximum of 5 times). It is the most ANNOYING ANNOYING (sorry J) thing in the world and what’s worse is that they all don’t deliver at the same time but spaced out; it makes txt conversations very confusing to understand. Ok so we know BLYK is new (7 months old) and has only recently hit 100,000 members so it’s a very small fish compared to other MVNO’s in the UK like Virgin. However 7 days (and still waiting) to fix this problem is really not acceptable, if BLYK was my primary number (which it isn’t thank god) I would be pretty very annoyed. I have posted on the forum and sent an email to member care, you are going to love their responses


Thank you for the information given, this will be passed onto the Technical Team so they can investigate this for you.

As soon as Blyk Member Care have some more information regarding this issue, we will contact you.


Blyk Member Care

BLYK’s email response is above

As soon as Blyk have some more information regarding multiple texts. A notification will be given.

Is the response on the forums, what an absolute joke no apology no nothing, it was only a few weeks ago I reported how much I loved BLYK here well to be honest my opinion is changing.

BLYK had problems at the start of February, they sorted those problems out within 24 hours, so this time why is it taking so long!

I suggested then, they have a service status on the BLYK website, and I suggested it again in the forums over the last week, their response was they have a monthly newsletter where they publish information about scheduled maintenance. Well the current problems are NOT in the newsletter I received last week, so to be honest I view that as a waste of time!

BLYK needs to get off its arse and sort this problem out NOW, before people request their PAC code (they cannot do that as BLYK do not have the facility to offer PAC codes) jump to a Pay as you Go provider that can provide a reliable service!

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