Brightkite – a review and a reveal

Ars Technica (I’m sure I am pronouncing that wrong when I say it out lout) has more information on Brightkite, a service that’s been making a bit of a stir.

Ars Technica sat down with Martin May, Brightkite’s founder, to learn more about the service and what’s coming down the road.

The bad news is that the service appears to require users to have to manually update their locations. A total arse. There’s no other way around it, unfortunately. If you *want* these features and you’re a Joe Public (which most of the planet is) then it needs to work on a RAZR. So texting is the way ahead. MAYBE mobile web, at a push.

The good news is that, given half a chance and the ability for your device to update your location independently, now you’re talking and the Brightkite concept really starts to make a lot of sense.

But right now, when you have to think and update your own location, it’s only going to ever be the geeks enjoying that connected goodness…

We’ll keep an eye on’em!

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