Esendex Developer Competition – Get your entries in now!

Have you got your entries in for the Esendex Two-Way SMS competition? You’ve still got time, but the closing date is fast arriving — this Friday.

It’s really straight forward to enter and to start creating a demonstration application. What’s more, Esendex will give you all the facilities you require, including a two-way number to test with and a bunch of text credits.

I’m a big, big supporter of two-way text messaging services. I can’t tell you how annoying it is getting a text from a company (a reminder for an appointment, or the like) only to find out I can’t reply to them by text. Or that the application is one-way and they haven’t given a return path. Ergo, I’m really looking forward to checking out the entries and profiling them all.

If you’d like some assistance with your entry, or a bit of advice, let me know ( and I’ll put you straight on to Esendex — I’m judging the results (along with Mike Short of the Mobile Data Association and Adam from Esendex) so I can’t get involved directly. I’ll be cheerleading big time though.

When I was up at the Esendex Nottingham HQ, I took this QIK video featuring Adam Bird. In the footage, he talks about the competition, the motivations for doing it and gives us a tour around the office. Have a watch:

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