Hollywood looks to mobile video ‘mobisodes’

When the movie and television industry actually shines the light of attention on the ‘third screen’ — properly — it will be fascinating to watch what happens.

It’s been a ridiculous notion — mobisodes are Class-A-Rubbish on your average American mobile handset (RAZR, LG etc). But rather sexy on an iPhone.

As technology improves and as consumers begin to want to consume entertainment in this manner (as, I think they will, if it’s done right) — and smart, usable technology gets widespread use, well, it’ll be brilliant.

Here’s a story from The Hollywood Reporter introducing possible concepts to the industry.

Mobile phones emerging as new video distrib channel

Mobile mobisodes: We’ve come to think of movies as the Big Screen and television as the Small Screen, but there’s now an even smaller screen that’s emerging as a new way in which to distribute entertainment content.

That screen, the so-called Third Screen, is the one on our mobile phones. It’s a unique medium in that it’s always with us no matter where we are.

By Ewan

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