I spy with my little eye, an iPhone killer?

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With an updated version or, possibly, versions of Apple’s iPhone expected this summer, the rumour mill surrounding BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion Ltd.’s much-anticipated response has officially kicked into overdrive.

Waterloo-based RIM has said little about its upcoming wireless email devices, but there are nevertheless dozens of photos circulating on the Internet that purport to show everything from new BlackBerry designs to leaked technical documents about a new BlackBerry mobile operating system.

For example, a blog claimed yesterday to have photographs of a yet-to-be released BlackBerry dubbed “kickstart” that resembles the consumer-oriented Pearl model, but is designed as a flip or clamshell-style phone instead of RIM’s traditional candy bar shape.

While it’s possible the kickstart is nothing more than a speculative rendering, several observers said the concept was indeed plausible.


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