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Jawbone Noise Assassin launch next week

The SMS Text News team are off to the Jawbone Noise Assassin launch next week. Expect muchos QIKing and updates. We’ll give the product a go and see how it performs. Me? I’m not a big bluetooth device user, ever since I bought a Sony Ericsson headset to work with my Sony Ericsson T68i and it made me *literally* ill, wearing it.

I have an old Jawbone but I didn’t use it much on the basis that every time I did, the person I was speaking to couldn’t hear me. Not a fault with the product per se, more a fault with the user. I tried pressing it against my cheek (or, er, ‘jaw’) and it just wouldn’t stay there so it picked up next to nothing.

User error, I’m sure. I’ll learn the right way to use it at the launch.

By Ewan

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