Podcast Episode 3

Recorded on Friday, the latest SMS Text News Podcast is now available with variety of listening options. 500 points available if you can tell where the batteries ran out in the middle!

Recorded on Friday, the latest SMS Text News Podcast is now available. Apologies for the occasional audio glitches in the recording. 500 points available if you can tell where the batteries ran out in the middle!

Listen now using the player below or see the links below for other options.

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Sites mentioned in the podcast:

Dan Lane’s blog is at (cool, huh?). He’s CTO at Howler Tech.
Stefan Constantinescu
‘s new 160 character blog on all things mobile is Thumb Report
is the mobile backup service and social network that has been aquired by Vodafone.
is a similar service to Zyb we reviewed before.
is the open-source SyncML project.
is O2’s backup and sharing portal.
is the US-based bill analysis tool that exceited us with the possibility of mining information on your social network from calling patterns.
Disqus is the new commenting system we’re using on SMS Text News.
Zygohubs is a group messaging service.
Blastfm is the new client for S60 handsets.
Palringo is an innovative mobile-based IM service with voice and image sharing.

We’re really keen to get your feedback on the podcast – please let us know in the comments.

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

11 replies on “Podcast Episode 3”

LBS data is generated by the person who owns the handset, it is up to them to choose who they get ads from, not for the operators to punt around. Grrr, I hate how people think “user generated data” = “data for us to mine and try to profit on without the user knowing.”

I think that was the point of the comment 😉

But the MNO can use it for other purposes, that are beneficial to all but don't 'mine' anything personal. I believe VF are doing this with their TomTom tie-in, where they track VF handsets bunching up in an anomalous manner along a road, and then reflect this info in real-time to the TomTom traffic service subscribers. Maybe offerring it to customers, where they can alert you by SMS if you are headed in the region of a snarlup. I'd certainly opt in to a service like that!

Maybe dynamically routing people headed to major events on foot / by car, guiding them using fuzzy logic to the likely least-congested entrance.

Or to a popular beach. Or just about anywhere.

LBS is personal, but there are aspects that can benefit all without ever disclosing the individual. Wisdom Of Crowds indeed.



Using aggregate data to benefit everyone with a service is different
than using personal data to make a buck from advertisers.

Wisdom of the crowds vs whoring of the individual.

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