Sony Ericsson fuses Java, Flash with Capuchin

Sony Ericsson has taken the wraps off the interestingly named Project Capuchin, a technology which it says will bridge the Java ME and Flash Lite development platforms. Accordign to Sony Ericsson, Project Capuchin will let developers cherrypick the best bits of both to create the best content-rich mobile apps.

The bridging technology will come in the form of an intuitive tool to create applications and allow “Flash Lite content to be encapsulated in Java ME applications”. Sony Ericsson has promised developers should be able to get their hands on the goodies in the second half of this year.

Microsoft’s Flash rival Silverlight came a bit late to this party and technology like this, which strengthens both the incumbent mobile platforms, won’t make it any easier for Silverlight to make its mark in the mobile world.

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