The PocketSurfer is great for normobs

I came across this PocketSurfer 2 advert at Reading railway station yesterday:

Pleased to see the adverts are looking good. I’ve been playing with the PocketSurfer for a while now and I really like it — in the context of a normob. It’s fast. The battery life is good. The screen… well, if you want it to work for hours (and Datawind, the manufacturers obviously do) then there are some hard, fast, rules of physics that must be obeyed, ergo the screen is backlit and pretty dark depending on the angle you’re using it. Nokia E90 brightness, it isn’t. But then it lasts for hours. And there’s no data charges!

Me, personally, I think I’ve got a lot more real-time demands and whilst it will work brilliantly for your average user sat, bored on the train (or waiting for the train, more like) wanting to play around on Google or Facebook, I need apps, apps, apps!

If you’re curious, you can pick one up for 180 quid here.

By Ewan

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4 replies on “The PocketSurfer is great for normobs”

Fast and free*

*neither fast nor free after the first 20 hours per month. I feel a letter to the ASA coming along.

Incidentally, given how when you buy one you don't buy a contract, and how easy it is to unlock, I'm amazed no-ones complained to the ASA about O2's “only on O2” iPhone adverts. I'd have thought there was more than enough information in the public domain to dispute this claim.

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