24% of Apple iPhone users upgraded from a Motorola RAZR

JD Power have released a study of 20,000 mobile phone users in the States. It makes for interesting reading — and Arc Chart have the gossip here.

However Giff from i2SMS noted a key stat (in the same piece at Arc Chart, this time referencing a study by Rubicon Consulting):

24% — or, almost a quarter — of those surveyed who upgraded to an iPhone, did so from a stinky Motorola RAZR.

Now I don’t have exact stats — and I can’t be sure how representative the Rubicon Consulting study is. The important bit for me is the mind-blowing difference of experience that those RAZR users will have encountered.

I would have loved to have sat and watched the new iPhone user put his RAZR in a drawer in his desk and unpack his new device… and start surfing, Googling, texting, taking photos and so on.

I wonder just how many iPhone users, worldwide, are entirely new to the ‘smartphone’ experience? Fascinating.

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12 replies on “24% of Apple iPhone users upgraded from a Motorola RAZR”

Proves my point.

If you've lived on bread and water for God knows how long and someone offers you a Big Mac?
You'd take the Big Mac thinking it was the MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD.

In other news, 100% of iPhone owners who came from S60 would sooner place their John Thomas in the hands of a lunatic with a pair of scissors than go back.

n.b. a few weeks back I had my first Big Mac in about 4 years. They are indeed the most amazing thing in the world.

Bread/water? if it's Ciabatta & Perrier that's not too bad….but S60 is S60.

Would Sir care to choose an Access Point? Yes, Sir has chosen it 1,267 times previously, but Sir may desire a change. No? Come now, everyone enjoys a change Sir….

:: cut to Symbian User Experience team meeting::

OK chaps, what can we do to really make this one a cracker? I mean, Really make people hate us?

er……make it so that stuff you just paid for/downloaded is harder to find than the vendor tat you will never, ever use?

Good one Partington. I like it. Visual Radio will have its day….

::cut to exterior of Symbian HQ. The flicker of tourches form the baying mob reflect off the agricultural implements in their gnarled and twisted T9 hands::


You're missing the point.

The US market has been saturated with RAZRs, Treos and Blackberrys so no wonder the iPhone had such an impact. The European market demonstrates the other end of the scale quite thoroughly with it's out and out plethora of handsets currently available to your every day consumer…

You know this. I know this. We know this.

My comment (or the above post in fact) makes no mention of S60 whatsoever.
Flogging a dead horse chap.

We all *know* your feelings about the iPhone. We all know your feelings about S60.

You could at least try and make your comments relevant.

Love ya,


Ah, but it's only because I like my N95 8GB / E61i so much that I'm always so down on S60. They could be so much more.

I think I got your point – that the iPhone succeeded in the US because the paradigm was so poor, and ergo failed in Europe because what we have is so far beyond the RAZR.

Thing is, the iPhone financial model was much more acceptable in the US. Not here. THAT is why it flopped here – not because people were happy with the current Euroness of their handsets. Everyone who fondles an iPhone wants one – fact. But not at the old price. At the new price, they will not be able to keep up. They will sell out in week 1. Betcha a burger after the next Now Show.

Re the article, you could also draw the conclusion that 24% of people who are waiting for Elvis to return own RAZRs. Just call 619-239-K-I-N-G….

Cuddles :p

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