3 begs customers to beg for the Apple iPhone

In Australia, it looks like three of the four main mobile operators are getting the iPhone: Optus and Vodafone have got the official nod, and Telstra is rumoured to be announcing a deal soon. Who’s left out? 3. Despite its best efforts to get the device on its inventory, there’s still no deal in the offing. So now 3 is asking for its customers to turn up the heat on Apple.

Its now opened up a website, where customers can post their thoughts for Apple to see and show the company just how much they want the device to be available on 3’s network.

I doubt if, having not been able to arrange a deal through the normal channels, that this sort of tactic will get Apple to change its mind, but if the comments on the site are anything to go by, at least 3’s customers are happy to know that the network is still working on getting the iPhone.

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