A chat with Sulim, CEO of Blue Systems

I had a chat yesterday afternoon with Sulim, CEO and, I think, Co-Founder, of Blue Systems. They offer real time financial information on the desktop — the sort of stuff you need if you’re trading millions on the stock market and so on.

They recently launched a mobile version for their customers that works on Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Talking to Sulim was a breath of fresh air. No bullshit, no nonsense. He knew exactly what he wanted to see in a Blue Systems mobile client and he made it happen.

He hired some programmers, specified the requirements and said ‘do it’. All too often I get into the mindset that if you want a mobile version or a mobile client, you hire a mobile developer company and sit and stare in pain for 9 months whilst they sort-of deliver what you want.

Not entirely fair, I know, but the amount of people I’ve met who’ve had difficult or challenging experiences getting mobile developers to create what they want… geez.

Sulim and his colleagues simply hired the resource themselves and sorted it out. The result? An excellent client and a brilliant understanding of their mobile client’s capabilities … and a little bit of a baptism of fire!

That said, since they’d gone through the various development challenges creating their desktop service a few years earlier, they were very well prepared for specifying exactly what they wanted on mobile.

I recorded the conversation I had with Sulim and I’ll put the audio up shortly as a podcast.

By Ewan

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