Ahh; they don’t teach you this in geek school

It’s been two days now and my Apple MacBook Air has been on full fan duty. They don’t teach you these things in geek school, they really don’t.

The machine is massively overheating and it’s not doing very well at all in these conditions, despite brilliant air conditioning, the fan won’t stop whirring away. In fact, the machine’s performance appears continually impaired — because of the heat.

I’ve restarted it a few times just in case there were some runaway background processes hogging the memory (unlikely, I know, on an Apple), but that had no effect.

Whirr. Whirr. Whirr.

You know I brought a Dell Ultralight with me? It’s handling it fine.

I spent a lot of time doing some product testing yesterday. In particular, I tried charging my Nokia N90 from a solar power source. Genius. It worked brilliantly. All I had to do was stick the power source in the sun and woosh, the red light came on and the N90 started charging. A must. An absolute must if you’re on holiday (or stranded on a desert island, with wifi or cellular connectivity).

I also noticed that the emergency kit here in the villa is unique. I will do a piece on that.

I’ve got full Iridium signal, so I’m about to test that out. I did a QIK video via the WiFi connection earlier. I’ll get that up soon.

And, I’ve had a ton of emails from people asking for pictures. Have no fear. There are some coming.

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