Blyk model expanding

From our Blyk Watcher Ricky…

Patrick broke the news yesterday that Blyk was expanding into Europe and it seems that the model looks to be taken up round the work! Last month Ewan reported that U-Mobile in the Philippians to Blyk had just started up and it seems that over in United Arab Emirates a company called Gulf Integrated. A spokesman for the company has said that;

“We are looking at the option of either tying up with Blyk or a totally independent network after seeking permission from local authorities,” said Hussein.

It seems like Blyk has found a partner into the Middle East. Not only are Gulf Integrated looked at starting up in the UAE but also later cover the rest of the Gulf countries and eventually the entire Mena region.

Full details of the article can be found here. It seems that currently Gulf Integrated are currently in the just planning stage and it seems like if they do start up it will be another MVNO, not an actual operator.

I think it’s great that the Blyk model is spreading! Good Luck to them!

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