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Ever since my dad brought home an...

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Blykwatch – No Problems for a Change

blykwatch blyk

Yes!! I can honestly say that after about 5 weeks of problems, they all seem to be fixed! Touch Wood!

I will be looking at the adverts I received over the past week later on, however first a few items I picked up from the Blyk Blogs.

The first is that Blyk has announced its sponsorship of the D&AD New Blood 2008 Awards and an 18-month relationship with the D&AD 2009 Student Award programme. Full details can be read here!
The most interesting point I wanted to bring to your attention was the fact there were sponsoring the D&AD 2009 Student Award programme. It great to hear that Blyk are supporting schemes that are promoting talent from its target market.
The second is from the Blyk UK Blog and this is about questions Blyk poses to its members! Below are the results from some of the questions Blyk Members (including myself) have been answering over the past month.

42% of you think the prospect of a Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse collaboration would be any good

45% of you aged 18 and over voted in the recent local elections

Kiss FM is your radio station of choice

One fifth of you told us you don’t revise for exams

34% of you would prefer to spend a bank holiday weekend in bed, ahead of going shopping 31% or going to a music festival 23%

Levis is clearly your favourite Jeans brand, popular with 56% of you, second with just 6% was Armani

90% of you worry that your skin doesn’t look so good

Dubai is your favourite holiday destination, New York was second

Nearly half of you get your music from friends just 19% of you get your music from high street stores

The stuff is gold dust to Blyk’s advertiser’s or potential advertisers! It paints an interesting picture of a typical Blyk user I think!

Blyk is also asking for people to send in suggestions of questions it can pose to its members.
What would you like to ask?

We’d also like you to suggest some questions that you would like Blyk members to answer. Just create a question with some possible answers (like how Blyk creates them) and chances are we’ll send it out. We’re selecting 5 of our favourites every month. Email your suggestions with your name, where you live, your age and your mobile number to

This is something I will be doing; however I do not think Blyk will send out messages to its members asking if they think the Blyk service is unreliable! J Ha Ha!

Now let’s look at the messages I have received over the past week! In all honesty nothing that interesting, just quite a few of Blyk’s profiling questions were posed.

Monday 16th June
A SMS profiling question asking Do you like the ads on the social networks you use? My response I don’t really care, Blyk’s response Blyk tries to send you messages from the brands you like.

Tuesday 17th June

A MMS promoting B-LIVE ( an event from Bacardi and the opportunity to hear a sample from 3 of the dj’s from the event! I received a short mp3 clip back in an MMS but also free mobile web link! Although it was still within Blyk’s walled web garden, it was actually at least a proper mobile web site.

Thursday 19th June
A SMS from Blyk thanking me for inviting a friend to Blyk and although I did not win the concert tickets in the USA, a DVD will be sent out! Wicked last week a CD(which was actually quite good), this week a DVD.

Saturday 21st June

A SMS Question asking if I went to the National Graduate Recruitment Exhibition, something I requested more details about in an advert a few weeks ago! My response was No, BLYK’s response was; Not to worry lots of advice and answers can still be found online at! A web link, a shame no mobile version at all.

I also received a SMS from asking me to reply with my email (I did hopefully they won’t SPAM me to death), so they can send me the latest info about music news, events and video’s! This is a new method of advertising and something I have not seen from Blyk before.

Sunday 22nd June

Firstly a SMS question asking if it was right to kick Alexandra out of the Big Brother House, as I don’t watch Big Brother I did not reply.

Secondly I received the same profiling SMS that I got on Monday 16th June! Hardly a big issue in comparison to the problems we have had recently, however still mildly annoying!

That’s it really for this week, next week in particular I will be looking at roaming with Blyk and of course I will be reviewing the adverts I receive over the following week!


  1. Hey,

    I've been mildly surprised at Blyk this week! I mean, it's actually working?

    As for “Blyk Asks” I have a problem with it… They don't ask everyone! I've never been asked a question from Blyk which I have then seen as a result in any of their Blogs (and I have their Blog bookmarked in FireFox). Their answers therefore cannot be accurate, and they don't seem to like my replies to their Blog as they are never published.

    I wish they would ask everyone, and actually state in their conclusions that “out of those asked ??% said this” from their answers it does appear misleading, which I don't like.

    Anyways, good post as usual!



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