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So who had 7 days before Blyk screwed up for me again?! The dreaded communication’s error is back again! This time everything I have tried (Sim reset, Phone reset and even putting the sim in another phone) and I still get this stupid error! If you want to know more about it read about in my blog posts.

I am really stuck as to what the problem is, I am about 99% sure its not my phone because firstly it has been working fine receiving brand messages and then all of a sudden it just stops! The phone works fine on T-Mobile UK. I know on my previous posts someone suggested is reflash the handset! Firstly I looked into doing that last time and had no success, but I don’t see why I should have to! This problem is relatively common on the forums, so I am sure it is an issue with Blyk!

I am going to now email customer care and see what there response is!

Ahh the joy’s of Blyk sometime I just want to throw my phone at a brick wall it’s that annoying!!

Just logged onto the forums and there are about 10 posts about this issue! Seems to be Blyk specific!

Response from Blyk Member Care

Hi Ricky,

The Blyk Technical Team is currently working on the GPRS issue and testing is taking place to find a resolution.

A time scale has not been given for this to be resolved, however Blyk are striving to rectify this as quickly as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Blyk Member Care

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It seems I can get onto the Blyk Portal on my phone, but I'm totally unable to retrieve any MMS messages. I get an error saying “URL Not Found” on my Samsung D600. I know it's on the verge of death, but I also know when I have full signal, I should be able to recieve messages properly.

I've read on a couple of posts that the problem has already been “rectified”, although I can clearly state as of now… It's not.

Bloody Blyk!


Yeah, I've posted on the Forum. I don't like phoning up, I always seem to get the incompetent people.

It's been happening for me since Wednesday, but then again, my phone is on the brink of death (but I haven't told Blyk that).


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