Did you say 8.1 megapixel camera? Nice one Sony

Sony have jumped ahead on the megapixel category with their latest handset, the C905 Cyber-shot. Of course, as Dan Lane (regular contributor to the SMS Text News podcast) points out, megapixels aren’t necessarily indicative of photo quality per se. However if the C905 is anything like Sony’s K800 or K850 series handsets, it’ll be simply magnificent.

The new C905 Cyber-shotâ„¢
Take your best shot

– Complete digital camera experience on a phone – true digital camera styling and an 8.1 megapixel camera with Xenon flash
– Outstanding picture quality – complete with face detection auto-focus, smart contrast and image stabiliser
– From baby’s first steps to an amazing sunset; store them all on the included 2GB Memory Stick Microâ„¢ (M2®)
– The USB adaptor (CCR-70) provided in-box allows for easy transfer of your photos to-and-from your PC
– View high-quality pictures on the phones impressive 2.4” scratch-resistant mineral glass display
Share your memories – send your photos wirelessly from your phone to your TV via Wi-Fi™ (using DLNA), or connect with wires using the TV-Out Cable ITC-60, also announced today
– Upload photos to your own online blogsite or print your photos with fantastic resolution up to A3 size
Much more than a camera phone – GPS-enabled for geo-tagging of photos and navigation support

I’ll see if we can get hold of one of these and give it a run through.

By Ewan

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Can we pleeeeeeeese get a new entry to the SMSTextNews manifesto:

“We don't care about Megapixels It's all about quality and most importantly, usability. Don't spam us with your PR, hyping your new release as 'better' or 'best' simply because you crammed a few more pixels into an already tiny image sensor. As any fule kno, <Megapixels don't matter. Tell us how much faster your new product is at starting up, taking a second image, how much better it works in low light, or with moving subjects, or how quickly it can recharge the flash. Show us the money, not Megapixels”


<prays to the mobile camera gods>


Yawn. 8MP is the new 6MP – Nokia said they have them in the pipeline yesterday. It's the quality of the images produced that matters… not just the resolution.

I'd be more impressed with 3MP and a decent flash in a slim form factor if it could match, say, the N82's quality (which is a bit of a fat-boy).

…But actually, regardless of all the measurabating in that release, the exciting thing for me is the fact it's got WiFi in it. Will this mean automatic upload to Flickr

I dunno, SO3 looked tasty to me. The Flickr integration beats ShoZu IMHO. Loved the wee embedded refreshing images. I think others will too. Nokia need to bring that to the home screen. Imagine your & friend's latest Flickr images on your home screen, refreshing? Way to drive engagement. Nice.

n.b. copyright me, that one.

n.n.b got my ZoneTag / Fire Eagle Mojo working now. Watch this Geotagged space….

SO3 doesn't incorporate automatic uploads + you *can* look at other folk Flickr streams in ShoZu, you just have to add the ones you want.. Plus the geo-tagging actually works with Flickr.


Question for me is “Do I “need” an 8mp camera”

I have an N95 and its 5mp does me fine, so at the moment its a no.

Unless I get unlimited data plan this would just mean more cost as I'm not always in range of wifi..


I feels me a GeoShowDown a-comin mister…

1) ShoZu don't allow me to mark posts either Private or Public before uploading. Big issue for a dad.
2) ShoZu don't try to guess or allow manual location entry – you gotta have the GPS running. Hopeless IMHO, what with all this CellID & WiFi love flowing around.

Geotagged me a wee storm with ZoneTag this arvo. No dice with ShoZu.

AND, ShoZu doesn't let me mark images/vids I DON'T want to upload as 'not new', so I always have to go through and manually select them instead of just uploading all. Pushr on the iPhone gets this right. I mean, they are really making this hard…

GeoTags at 20 paces, sir?

Where does ZoneTag 'put' the GeoTags? I tried ZoneTag once, I think I liked it…

TBH – The only reason I jumped to ShoZu from SOv3 was because the latter really does not get on with my VF connection. It never has.

A quick primer is here.

Embeds into the EXIF data. I'm not sure if that also counts for 'guess my location' which uses CellID (Flickr/Yahoo! have a massive CellID db from years of Zonetag users – see for an example of the usefulness of this).

Ericsson. Sony Ericsson. I know Sony itself is a big brand, but still. It's Sony Ericsson. It's Sony who have the sexy brands, and Ericsson who build the devices. 🙂

That's just it – ZoneTag AND LocationTagger both embed the GeoTags in the EXIF.

ShoZu doesn't. Shozu embeds into the 'machine tags'.

Flickr currently only acknowledges the latter.

But my Zonetagged images appear perfectly positioned on my Flickr map – which is what I'm after. If you don't have your GPS running with ShoZu, you get zip (and I don't mean code either).

Zonetag puts the info into the 'Machine Tags', which are a pseudo-standard subset of the EXIF data AFAIK (AKA 'Triple tags')


Yup. If there's no GPS, it will let you manually enter in a postcode, address, town, suburb, etc. It will then place the image on your map, centered on that location, which is good enough for many.

But the cool thing is where it guesses based on CellID. It will automatically suggest tags based on CellID before you upload the image. So if you are on the banks of the Thames at Waterloo and take a snap, chances are ZoneTag will suggest tags like 'London Eye' or 'Houses of Parliament' or 'Dali Elephant'.

The flipside of this is that in Tagmaps, you zoom in on a spot and can see what it was others tagged, in a tag-cloud way. So without ever being there you can see what is popular/attractive in an area.

So if you had never been oop noorth or heard of Mr Gormley, you could browse over to here and check the place out.

This has built up over the life of Flickr, and now surely must be a massively useful resource. Yahoo haven't really done anything with it…yet….

Here's what ZoneTag saves into the EXIF data:

zonetag [x]
cameraphone [x]
London [x]
England [x]
zip:SW11 2 [x]
United Kingdom [x]
geotagged [x]
celltagged [x]

machine tags (7)
geo:city=London [x]
geo:state=England [x]
geo:zip=SW11 2 [x]
geo:country=United Kingdom [x]
geo:lat=51.466283 [x]
geo:lon=-0.169723 [x]
cell:cgi=234-20-1233-134295388 [x]

And here's what ShoZu saves:

geotagged [x]
ShoZu [x]

machine tags (2)
geo:lon=-0.47848 [x]
geo:lat=51.35104 [x]

Agree, It's not how many Megapixels you've got, it;s how you use them. I've seen the pics from the device. Not impressed. N82 would beat the crap out of it.

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