E*TRADE comes to the BlackBerry

If you fancy a bit of wheeling and dealing on the go, then share trading company E*TRADE has come up with a bit of software that should help you. The E*TRADE

Mobile Pro software pretty much does everything the desktop version does, only this time on your BlackBerry. According to E*TRADE, the software has:
• Free real-time streaming stock and options quotes
• The ability to trade equities and options, including certain conditional orders
• Brokerage and bank account QuickTransfers, including those from outside financial institutions
• Live watchlists and portfolios
• CompleteView of all E*TRADE accounts on one screen
• Secure transactions backed by the E*TRADE Complete Protection Guarantee

At present this is exclusive to BlackBerry devices including the Curve and the Pearl and E*TRADE hasn’t said anything about bringing the software to any other smartphones yet. I can’t imagine we’ll have to wait too long – this looks absolutely like Windows Mobile (and iPhone) heartland.

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