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Welcome to Focus on Canada, a new series on SMS Text News looking at what’s going on in the Canadian Mobile industry. For our first installment we are going to take a brief look at various mobile aggregators, starting with MyThum Interactive.


MyThum really seems to have their, pardon the pun, thumb on what’s going on in Canada. Since their startup in 2002, they’ve grown to become one of the leading mobile aggregators in the country, topped off by being named Company of the Year at the Canadian New Media awards in 2007. (Their third major award that year)

From being chosen to facilitate the text-to-vote system for Canadian Idol to managing MuchMusic’s popular PunchMunch system, MyThum has worked with numerous big clients including: Rogers, Corus, CBC, Molson, Global, Best Buy, Nike & more.


Their focus: to help companies build a direct relationship with their consumers using their mobile phone by providing a comprehensive toolkit with features such as text, interactive TV, rich content and more.

At MyThum we believe the mobile device is much more than an advertising or marketing tool. It is about strategy, not tactics, consumer relationships not just engagement. It redefines experiential marketing. The mobile device presents an entirely new communication platform. It presents an opportunity for companies to interact with their target audiences wherever they are, whenever they want, no matter what they are doing. It is a remote control for how people experience and consume media, entertainment and their favourite brands on an ongoing basis. It is a unique platform that can enhance productivity and performance of employees, improving ROI along the way. Our focus with partners is to enable the use of this new utility as a means for creating and monetizing a lasting, ongoing relationship with target audiences.

Keep your eye on MyThum, you never know what they’ll do next.

Stay tuned for more in our Focus on Canada series coming soon.

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