Fring opens up for developers

Good news for fans of Fring: the mobile VoIP company has released its APIs, meaning developers out there can build whatever web apps to interact with the Fring client, and take advantage of all the usual Fring functionality: presence, talk, chat, file transfer, auto-roaming and all the rest.

Opening up APIs is usually one of the smartest moves a software company can make: all sorts of creative people come up with all sorts of creative apps that get more people using your service, and you sit back and soak up the glory and extra users.

Alas, the APIs are only available for the fring client on the Symbian S60 9.2 at the moment, although Fring’s promising more platforms are on the way before too long.

Here’s Fring’s Roy and Sagi talking about the new APIs:

More information over at the developer site.

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