Google’s Mobile Maps: for when you’ve had one too many

Google has announced an update to the latest version of its Mobile Maps software (2.2) with some handy new features. Now as well as the usual street directions from Google, the Mobile Map app can also provide information on public transport too, so you can find what bus or train will get you to where you need to go.

At the moment, the information is only for some 40 cities in North America but I really hope we’re going to see it coming to the London transport network some time in the very near future. And here’s why: the updated Google Mobile Maps has a feature which can tell you when the last bus or train of the day goes.

So, imagine you’re at an unfamiliar pub somewhere and you really fancy staying for just one more but you don’t know if you’ll miss the last bus home if you do. All you’ve got to do is open up Google Maps and voila: you’ll know in a couple of clicks if you can squeeze in a cheeky half and make the last bus or not.

The version with US transit info is available here.

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