Greystripe puts 800+ free ad-funded games on mobile carrier

It’s not often that you’ll see a mobile network take a punt on ad-funded content. Not often at all. I’m trying to think of a specific example that doesn’t involve the operator’s own portal ad system.

Greystripe, the world’s first and leading ad-supported mobile games and applications distribution platform, have announced a deal with German MVNO, Simyo.

The mechanics of the deal involve a publishing a games portal, containing 800+ free games. Ostensibly, the service is aimed at Simyo customers but, in reality, anyone can download them. Neither Simyo or Greystripe mind, because each game is ‘wrapped’ in advertising, managed by Greystripe — and there’s a revenue split.

I like this model. The user doesn’t get knocked for 5 quid every time they want to try out a game on their mobile (conveniently, Greystripe’s games support over 1,400 handsets). The operator and Greystripe each get a share of targeted ad revenue — on-going, for the life of the game. That could, if it’s a good game, deliver substantial per-user return. And, finally, there’s some incentive to both the operator, Greystripe (and, I imagine, the games developers and publishers), to create and develop GOOD mobile games — an art in itself.

If you’re sat managing a mobile portal of sorts, you might want to pick up the phone and talk to Greystripe about getting your own white-label mobile games offering. It’s Alvaro Bravo, VP of Business Development, that you want to talk to.

By Ewan

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