Is Google’s Android delayed – or is the Gphone back?

It seems there’s a bit of will-they-won’t-they with Android at the moment. A report out yesterday in The Street had a source saying there will be a delay to shipments of ‘Gphones’ bearing Google’s Android platform with devices not expected to surface until next year.

The Street then carried a follow up piece quoting a Google spokesperson denying any delays to Android, saying: “We’re still on track to announce Android-powered phones this year. Some of our partners are publicly stating that they plan to ship Android phones in the fourth quarter.”

So what’s with all the rumour mongering? The delays spotted by The Street apparently apply to the ‘Gphone’ while Android itself is going as expected. I thought rumours of Google actually bringing out an own brand Gphone were long dead and buried. Any suggestions on what might be going on?

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