Jaxtr lands $10m VC funding

Jaxtr has announced it’s finished off a second round of investment, landing $10 million (around one dollar for each of its users) in series B funding led by Lehman Brothers and bringing its total VC funds to date to $20 million.

Jaxtr has also taken the wraps off a new service allowing members to make ‘out of network’ calls on their mobiles for the first time (in-network calls are free). Users have to buy Jaxtr credits, called jax, call their local Jaxtr number and supply the destination number and the Jaxtr service does the rest. There’s no software to download to your mobile either.

Jaxtr is just the latest comany to go after the cheap interneational call market with another VoIP offering, although to its credit, Jaxtr is more than just a cheap rates business – it does have some very cool features – like a click to call widget that you can add to your social networking site or blog, which allows your web friends to call you but at the same time keeps your phone number private. Looking forward to seeing what Jaxtr does next.

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