Launch: Jawbone ‘Noise Assassin’

Popped into the launch event this evening. Thanks to Alex and the team from Aliph for laying on a top night – ‘New Young Pony Club‘ were about to DJ as I made an exit… no reflection of their prowess, but it is a school night 🙂

The headset’s about half the size of the well-received original and is available in the UK from today online and from Carphone Warehouse* stores for £79.99. Judging by the number of ‘trendy’ sorts (not me) and life-style brand types there tonight it’s going down well in the styling-stakes as well as for its technical wizardry.

We’ll have a proper review in the next week and may even (hint) have an *ahem* mystery gift to give away. We’ll get our thinking caps on about the how and where. In the meantime here a few snaps and a Qik of the launch presentation. I’m hoping to start a new trend in unboxing images with this post: unboxing on public transport… if you jump over to my Flickr set you can even see where they were taken on the way home!
Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

*Not a warehouse, doesn’t sell carphones.

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

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