Live from the Nokia E-Series Event

Right now I’m sat on the 29th floor of a building over-looking the Thames… A very snazzy venue for a Nokia E-Series launch. I’m with the WOM World team (Nokia’s blogger relations guys), Jon Jensen and Rafe and Steve from AllAboutSymbian, but am mostly surrounded by mainstream media.

View from the 29th Floor

As you’d expect with an E-Series event the focus is on mobile e-mail.

Ready to go

They’re launching the E66 (announced first) – shame he’s calling it the ‘6600’. Not a Steve Jobs presentation!! It’s the first E-series announced with a full suite of entertainment services (from Ovi) [note: later clarified to exclude N-Gage], has screen auto-rotation and auto-silences by being turned over.


They’ve also just announced the E71 – ‘an un-compromising e-mail experience’.  Specs are as widely leaked – the form factor is clearly something they’re very keen on as it’s being discussed a lot as well as the speed of the device. ‘World leading in this size’ – the thinnest device in this class ever.


Both ship in July for around €350 unsubsidised.

They’re both S60 ‘open platform’ with over 10,000 applications available for them.


Update: There’s now a a full review of the E71  by the AllAboutSymbian guys, I have posted some first pictures and videos and covered the blogger Q&A.

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