Motorola CEO hunt down to two?

Motorola’s struggling handset business could soon have a new head. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal quoting people familiar with the matter, negotiations are underway with two candidates and are currently at a sensitive stage.

Of the two potential CEOs, the WSJ names one as a ‘telecoms exec’ but gives no more details, the other, according to the paper, is HP exec Todd Bradley. Bradley currently heads up HP’s personal systems group, which looks after “personal computers, mobile devices, technical workstations, digital televisions, personal storage solutions and Internet services”.

Bradley’s also got some fascinating mobile history: he used to be the CEO of palmOne, taking over after palmSource was spun off. Apparently, Bradley could be just the man for the job but he told the WSJ this week: “I’m happy where I am, and I’m not planning to make any changes.” Fingers crossed for Motorola he’s just being coy.

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