Motorola plans movie service

While it’s still mulling how to make a must-have handset again, at least Motorola is doing some new things with its services business. According to the Guardian, Moto it’s launching its very own movie store, after teaming up with Paramount.

For between £5.99 and £8.99, users will be able to get their hands on a selection of over 40 full length films, which can be downloaded to a PC and then sideloaded onto a mobile (well, you wouldn’t want to download a two-hour movie over 3G would you?). At the moment, it’s just available in the UK, but Moto is eyeing up brining the service to other countries including France and Germany.

Kicking off with a mere 40 movies isn’t the best start to the service and I’m not convinced over whether the mobile is an ideal platform for watching such long content, but hey, full marks to Motorola for trying to expand into new areas.

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