Nokia reveals mobile ad alliance

Nokia has announced its very own Ad Alliance, which it says is aimed at making mobile ad buying an easier process. The alliance will sell “couponing, location-based targeting, image recognition, and other emerging technologies” alongside more traditional display advertising. The ads will appearing across the Nokia Media Network, which places advertising on Nokia properties like Ovi services as well as through other content providers and operators.

A number of companies have already signed up to the Ad Alliance including i-movo, Mobile Acuity, Mobiqa, and uLocate, according to Nokia, with “many additional members in testing”.

It looks like Nokia’s already doing far more interesting things with mobile advertising than Google, which is stuck in the banner and text ads space. Given that operators have proved more willing to embrace Nokia’s services push (as demonstrated by the recent spate of loving Ovi got), it looks like the mobile ad space won’t be as easy for Google to dominate as the fixed internet was.

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