Opera gives Google’s Gears some support

Good news for fans of Google Gears: Opera has decided to support Gears in its Opera 9.5 Mobile browser, meaning that users will be able to get access to all their favourite Gears apps through any phone equipped with the browser, as well as on Opera’s desktop support.

Alas, the details about Opera’s Gears support are a little on the slim side – the release is pegged as sometime later this year and there’s no technical details available right now – but it’s good to see Gears expanding beyond its previous heartland of Windows Mobile devices.

By joining up with Opera, Gears gets to dodge the operating system question entirely and open itself up to Symbian phones and the massive user base that goes with it. A release date wouldn’t go amiss – I’d be keen to find out how Gears copes with some of the lower end devices.

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