Orange promises better network, more sales staff

Orange has decided it’s time for a change and has announced a new strategy that it hopes will mean improvements in everything from its network to its sales staff.

Here’s the summary of what’s happening from Orange:

• new customer service strategy implemented including 500 new customer- facing roles in UK customer centres & shops; launching new contact options including IM, web and in-store service; stopping off-shore customer service expansion
• Retail expansion plans to reach 400 stores plus new on-line virtual shop
• new investment in 2G and 3G network quality and coverage
• new super-fast network to go live in 2009 offering speeds of up to 14.4mbps
• new “totally connected” product line – including laptops – to build on fixed & mobile broadband capabilities
• focus on stopping duplication which is likely to result in reduction of up to 450 roles

Being a network nerd, I’m particularly happy to see UK operators aiming to get speeds up to some of their international rivals (although it’s worth noting that there’s still a lack of handsets available that can cope with 14.4Mbps). I suspect, however, others will be more excited by the promised improvement in customer service.

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Your not the only one interested in the technical stuff!

Looks like they are heading in a similar direction as O2, in wanting to do more direct sales and increasing their number of stores. As such a big network I can see the basis in that, but since the high street is so competitive as it is, they will really need to stand out! I hope the big change means their staff is a little more active then it is whenever I go down to the shop in my city.

I’m just wondering what Orange would like to do with this Huge administration charge they insist is viable? We are talking (£30-£70) here.
Remember what happened last time this came about with the banks with their charges?
The precedent is set so what are Orange and other operators going to do about this.
Lets consider the facts.
Outsourcing the finance £10 per Member
Outsourced fee £20 per member
Profit +£65
Actual costs for outsource would be around £7 per Member in total (In consideration for outsource Care teams calling these Members on an average of 12 per hour.
I nice profit for them.

These charges would be considered unlawful now i feel (Correct me if I am wrong)


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