Is it time to subscribe to a printer service from HP?

Ever since my dad brought home an...

What’s the best way of buying a phone today?

How did you buy your latest phone?...

MWC: What device highlights did you miss?

So, early last week I predicted that...

Podcast Episode 8

This is the latest weekly instalment of the podcast, recorded on Friday – the 8th in the series so far. For those not paying attention there’s been two ‘special editions’ in the last week too. With a cast of thousands (well 5 at peak) this is another big’un (60mins or there about) and well over 30 additional minutes hit the edit-room floor (metaphorically, I use a laptop) this week. I hope you agree the bits left over are worth it.

Dan is more audible this week, although the sound is still ‘authentic’… we discuss Ofcom’s proposed ‘voluntary code’ for mobile broadband providers, Unlimited Drinks (tomorrow!), the Jawbone launch, the state of mobile journalism, Ewan’s upcoming desert-island adventure, our things of the week and so many ‘shout outs’ it hurts.

COMPETITION: Win a Jawbone Noise Assassin bluetooth headset – listen
to the podcast [34m 57s] for details.

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The contributors:

Ewan MacLeod is the bloke wot made up SMS Text News. Out of his own head…
Dan Lane’s blog is at He’s CTO at Howler Tech.
James Whatley’s blog is here. He works for SpinVox doing clever social media stuff and their blog.
Ben Smith is a management consultant. He has a blog, but anything worth reading is contributed here.
Dan Illet, proper journalist and ‘grand fromage’ at our sister blog Greenbang is a special guest this week.

Sites mentioned in the podcast:

OFCOM’s voluntary code and mobile broadband – Guardian write-up.
Be Unlimited are purveyors of spanking-fast broadband and Dan likes them.
Unlimited Drinks‘ is back in London on the 10th June. NinetyTen are the super chaps supporting it.
Dan recommends that you’re not a Twitter Sh***er.
The Nokia N78 can be found here.
I didn’t love using Tangler.
The new Jawbone ‘Noise Assassin’ – silly name, cool gizmo.
HTC and Windows Mobile.
Three’s mobile broadband ‘starter pack’ bundles.
Get Satisfaction – the customer service network / portal / thingumy.
Free or discounted laptops from Three and PC World.
LJ Rich is cool and knows her tech.
Craig says ‘hi’ from Hook Mobile.
Vaibhav says ‘hi’ from
Alfie says ‘hi’ from
Jeb Brilliant wants to remind people about
Mark Guiam says ‘hi’ from

We’re really keen to get your feedback on the podcast – please let us know in the comments or tell Ewan –


  1. Hi, Inspite of the fact that the podcast has been own for a few days, I just got to listen in, was outta town and didn't really have a stable internet connection. It made for great listening as always, just to put the record straight, I'm based in India and and not Romania! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. My goof – sorry. Got some names jumbled in my head ๐Ÿ™‚ Having said that it would still be good if you wanted to write-up something on India's mobile industry… a huge market, no?

  3. E-mail words to Ewan (

    Content-wise how about an introduction to the Indian mobile industry? What's hot, what's not? Unique challenges and oppurtunities and any services that are making it big. If you wanted it could be in the form of one of our 'my mobile day' articles, but your call….


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