Podcast Episode 9

Ewan’s off this week on his way to a desert island with enough mobile hardware to confuse the folk at Heathrow airport. In his absence the team discuss a number of the recent and forthcoming events (including our very own ‘Unlimited Drinks’), review the Jawbone headset, discuss CLI-spoofing outfit Spookcall, get excited about budget S60 handsets and highlight their ‘things of the week’.

Recorded by phone, this episode has extra smooth-jazz hold music magic…. nice.

COMPETITION EXTENDED: One more week to win a Jawbone Noise Assassin
bluetooth headset – listen to the podcast [33m 13s] for details.

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The contributors:

Dan Lane’s blog is at He’s CTO at Howler Tech.
James Whatley’s blog is here. He works for SpinVox doing clever social media stuff and also writes their blog. Sometimes he writes for SMS Text News and you can read all of that stuff right here.
Ben Smith is a management consultant. He has a blog, but anything worth reading is contributed here.

Sites mentioned in the podcast:

James mentioned his latest project Stand By What You Say
The Mobile Web 2 Summit Blog can be found here:
Fleishman-Hillard’s Digital Influencer Index.
Apple’s iPhone 3G and MobileMe info.
NinetyTen – Unlimited Drinks sponsors and all-round good-guys.
Mobile Geeks of London IV – 31st July.
Jay Flint is presenting at
The Nokia 6124 Classic (currently exclusive to Vodafone) is a budget S60 FP2 handset.
The LG Blog is excellent.
James loves the Nokia E65.
Dan passes on a recommendations for JBac Taskman [no link currently] and MagicKey.
Ben loves Zimbra, paticularly hosted by Simply Mail Solutions.

We’re really keen to get your feedback on the podcast – please let us know in the comments or tell Ewan –

By Ben Smith

Ben is an expert on enterprise mobility and wireless data products. He has been a regular contributor to Mobile Industry Review since 2007 and is also editor of Wireless Worker.

25 replies on “Podcast Episode 9”

At least the cheesy jazz was not all the way through as a bed! πŸ˜› One small correction yes Blyk was working okish on Friday (when the podcast was recorded). However their sms servers went down all day saturday and problems on sunday! Standby for this weeks Blykwatch!

Interesting re the 6124.

3 had the 6120 Classic a year ago, free on the cheapest tariffs. Where was the buzz then?

Just how different are the FP2 API's that make this a game-changer?



Yes and no – there wasn't a podcast to chat about it in, but I do remember some chat about it at the time. Not sure FP2 means a whole lot other than to the nerds (myself included).

I have to confess (don't hate me, Ewan!) that I rather enjoyed the jazz intro ALOT better than the screaming man intro. Perhaps a mix between the two in the future? Or just ignore me, either way. πŸ™‚

Oh he's still there, you just gotta get past the Jazz to get there.

S'funny, was listening to the intro again the other day, Ben's voice kinda fits in with light Jazz music… maybe we should take it in turns to do an intro.


Maybe my brief stint at Uni radio wasn't wasted at all.

Trick: close microphone heavily compressed – always a good fit with a smooth bed track πŸ™‚

Radio 2 here I come!

Thanks for the shout-out guys, it's great hearing that our effort and approach are appreciated by other bloggers. Any word on when the video from Unlimited Drinks coming out? I probably babbled a bit too much to make much sense in my bit to camera, but I'd still like to see (and cringe).

Yup. Jazz is good. Gets you in the mood for digesting some top-shelf tech fodder.

Wolfman gives me indigestion.

Mike: Does that mean you think of us as the podcast equivalent of naughty magazines? I mean, I'm pretty stunning, but I can't vouch for the rest of them…

Sorry: Top-notch.

As in Scotch.

You are purveyors of blue-chip mobile-filth to middle England.

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