Podcast Special Report! Justin Davies from NinetyTen!


Did you see it? A bonus!

Did you see it slip, carefully — quietly, even — into your iTunes podcasts this morning? (If you were a subscriber to the SMS Text News Twitter feed, you’d have known about this last night, obviously — that’s where we stick it cool stuff before we publish it)

Yes! Justin Davies, Co-Founder of NinetyTen, makers of BuddyPing — and sponsors of the upcoming SMS Text News Unlimited Drinks event — popped into to SMS Text News Towers on Friday afternoon, after we did the main podcast.

Have a listen. Justin has been through the ringer when it comes to mobile social networking. He’s held court at the great and the good from Silicon Valley and beyond dispensing his viewpoints. We had a wide ranging discussion — from charting the rise and continued rise of NinetyTen as a mobile social networking powerhouse, to looking at the depressing challenges facing the industry today. Definitely worth a listen:

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