Qualcomm brings Adobe’s Flash to BREW

It looks like Flash has got itself a little bit more territory in its quest for mobile domination – it’s struck up a partnership with mobile giant Qualcomm. Late last week, Qualcomm announced that its BREW platform, used by some US operators, will now come with Adobe’s Flash.

The partnership will see both companies create new development tools for programmers to make Flash-based applications using BREW, with a release scheduled for later this year.

So what does it all mean? In short, it looks like Adobe will be able to expand Flash capabilities further into lower end devices, while BREW devices will look spiffier with the ability to play Flash videos or enjoy other rich content applications. While everyone has one eye on the latest and greatest high end devices coming around the corner, it’s a sound move for Qualcomm and Adobe to work on keeping those with less feature-rich mobiles happy.

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